There are various problems that can arise when working with wood veneer. It is very common to have to repair veneer at various stages of doing veneer work. Most of this repair is somewhat easy to fix however. Usually all it takes is some detailed hand work and patience.

Here is a list of the most common veneer repairs that need to be frequently performed:

Veneer defects prior to lamination

Veneer repairs that need to be performed before the veneer has been glued down to the substrate are easier to solve than after they have been glued down. A little preparation in each case will solve the problem and your project can be completed without a blemish in sight.

  • Split or cracked veneer
  • Missing veneer piece (usually on the corners)
  • Scratched veneer
  • Non-flat, curled, or wavy veneer

Veneer defects after lamination

Veneer problems that arise after glue up can sometimes be very difficult to fix without going unnoticed. Most of the time the damage is due to exposure of water or extreme dryness, or physical impact..

  • Blistered or bubbled veneers
  • Lifted or loose veneers
  • Cracked veneers
  • Chipped or missing veneer
  • Scratched veneer (after finish has been applied)
  • Cloudy stain in finish of veneer